Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another politically-incorrect alcohol campaign

I'm looking at this Canadian Club print campaign and wondering if we're seeing a trend: of overtly politically-incorrect alcohol ads. Ad Age points out the obvious: that this campaign is very, very "Mad Men." If the pictures don't get the point across, there's the headline: "Your Mom wasn't your Dad's first." Of course, sex in alcohol advertising seems almost as old as sex itself, but there's a huge leap (into the sack) between this campaign and, say, Miller Lite's "Cat Fight" of a few years back. Same with the Partida "Tequila Confessions" campaign I posted about last week, in which a guy admits having a child in Chicago because of a night he drank too much tequila. Well, you know what your mother—the same one that wasn't your Dad's first—always said: Honesty is the best policy. Created by Energy BBDO Chicago.


LimitedTimeOffer said...

Personally I think this is an excellent approach to update the brand by taking the "old man" negative heritage head on.

Alan Wolk said...

@LTO: Yeah, but who really wants to think about their parents having sex. Even if it wasn't with each other.

And you know that's the first thing you'll think of every time you look at the bottle.

@Catherine: It's funny- every time I watch the show, I find myself doing the math and figuring out that since Don Draper was born around 1925 (figure he's 35 in the show, which is set in 1960) that he'd be 82 today.

That's really, really old.