Monday, October 22, 2007

'Portfolio' finally covers ad business!

The story about the marketing and branding behind the New Museum of Contemporary Art in the current issue of Portfolio, isn't much, but at least it's a start. I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for Portfolio to acknowledge the industry's existence and was about to chastise all of you for being too boring to write about, but you're temporarily off the hook. The story is made less interesting by the fact The New York Times already covered it last week, still there's a fun sidebar of what ideas from branding agency Wolff Olins, and creative agency Droga5 got shot down. Wolff Olins rejectees: small speaker announcing lead donors, staffers wearing bright sashes of museum's logo, just calling the museum "New." Droga5 rejectees: cut a silhouette of the new building out of a billboard, something about artists sculpting "refrigerators in the shape of the building as an homage to the neighborhood's history as a restaurant-supply district."OK with me that the world is without that one.

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