Monday, May 21, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks: 05.21.07

From Ad Age:

Story on Chrysler Group buyout which says people are more likely to buy a car from the automaker now that Cerberus has swooped in? Is it that, or they just really didn't like Dr. Z?
Sex sells: Who wouldn't read a story titled "Why Torture Porn Is the Hottest (and Most Hated) Thing in Hollywood"?
Bob Garfield kind of likes the first Diet Pepsi work from DDB, and the mock tag, "Diet Pepsi, the choice of a little more than half of everybody." You can see all six spots here.
Oh, right, someone mentioned there was a network TV upfront last week.

From Adweek:

Brandweek story on the Chrysler acquisition, which says, "The first order of business will be deciding which models to send to the great parking lot in the sky." Say hi to Oldsmobile when you get there.
Barbarian Group adds a guy with a lot of agency experience, Bruce Winterton, as president, but says it doesn't want to be a full-service agency.
Barbara Lippert on the Mcdonald's Sundial billboard, which won a Grand Clio (below). She likes it. Picture via Billboardom.

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