Monday, May 21, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks: Microsoft/aQuantive

Wherein we give you Cliff Notes as to what’s worth reading from Monday’s advertising coverage, and nothing that’s not.

Here are links to every Microsoft/aQuantive story we thought was of any import:

Ad Age ponders the Microsoft deal without talking to Brian McAndrews, aQuantive's CEO. (OK, it did talk to Joe Doran, gm of Microsoft's Digital Advertising Solutions.)
Adweek's Q&A with Brian McAndrews. in which interviewer Brian Morrissey points out that at $6 billion, aQuantive is valued by Microsoft to be worth more than all of Interpublic Group.
Last Saturday's New York Times feature on the Microsoft/aQuantive deal, which made page 1, just a teensy weensy bit above the fold.
The Wall Street Journal's take on the story (subscription required).
The deal's dumbest headline, from Bloomberg, via The New York Daily News: "Microsoft Joins Web Ad Battle." I guess those hundreds of millions in annual Microsoft ad revenue over the years doesn't count.
Another Adweek story, stating the obvious: that Microsoft marrying aQuantive, and WPP Group marrying 24/7 Real Media, make for strange bedfellows.

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