Monday, May 21, 2007

Greenlees, heavyweight, on board at

OK class, this may have been lost on some of you, but Michael Greenlees was named to the board of Greenlees who? you may ask. Back in that last millenium, Greenlees was one of the great British ad guys, who eventually sold his agency, Gold Greenlees Trott, to Omnicom, ran TBWA, and served on Omnicom's board until 2002. God, this post is starting to sound like a press release. Well, anyway, if you're looking for a symbol of's legitimacy as a provider of short-form video, this is a pretty good one. Though his name hasn't made the ad news lately, expect Greenlees' directorship to open doors for Heavy, particularly among advertisers looking for places to put their online video. Here is Laurie Petersen's interview with Greenlees today on Mediapost.

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