Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ditech discovers intelligent life on earth

I'm so glad that Ditech guy is out of a job. In a complete departure from its old advertising, the company, unbelievably a unit of General Motors, launched a new campaign via Ground Zero this week that actually recognizes that, "People Are Smart." (You can watch it here.) With the old campaign, it was almost implied that the company thought people were, in fact, stupid. For Ditech's sake, let's hope the new advertising, which uses a whimsical animation technique to give potential borrowers the warm fuzzies, erases any member of the whiny loan officer who kept losing business to Ditech. However, with that campaign so ubiquitous at one point, it could take decades.


Fromz said...

Ditech is laughing at us with these commercials.

Anonymous said...

their ads just so lame.. not to mention the billboard