Thursday, October 4, 2007

Click here for the Sony Bravia bunny ad

For those of you who lie waiting for the next ad in the Sony Bravia campaign, here it is. For my money, this is much better than the paint commercial shot in Glasgow, and certainly up there with the original, with the balls bouncing in San Francisco. The use of the Rolling Stones, "She's a Rainbow," in this spot doesn't hurt either. Only quibbles are that it may be just as good an ad for Play-Doh as it is for the Sony Bravia, and the end is somewhat reminiscent of some British Airways work, but really, those are just quibbles. Via Gothamist and created by Fallon London, assuming you didn't know that already.


Anonymous said...

Too bad it's a rip off of Kozyndan.

Anonymous said...

No Annie, it's not 'too bad' just because it is inspired by the idea of bunnies in tidal waves. Kozyndan's work is inspired by Hokusai's "Great Wave off Kanagawa". Look it up.