Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here's what a Facebook ad looks like

If you've ever read descriptions of Facebook's fledgling ad model, then you've probably walked away scratching your head—it's all a little hard to picture unless you spend enough time using the social network that is allegedly worth a bazillion dollars. Found the ad above on my Facebook page this morning, an extension of Hewlett-Packard's current campaign with Gwen Stefani that was sprinkled within my "News Feed" of what my Facebook friends are up to today. It links to this page on the HP site, and as the icon in the upper right hand corner says, it can be shared, just like other Facebook content. All in all, the ad is in keeping with Facebook's—subtle-compared-to-MySpace—vibe, but whether ads like this and a few other potential revenue streams support contentions that the service's market value might be $15 billion is another matter entirely.

1 comment:

Alan Wolk said...

I find those ads incredibly annoying-- what's your brand doing in the middle of my newsfeed? You're not my friend, now go away.