Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This month's most liked commercials ... with links

So Ad Age has once again published its list of what the IAG Research says are the most liked spots over the last month (Aug. 27 to Sept. 23, to be exact), and once again, I'm publishing the list with links to as many ads as I could find in case you'd actually like to see them. No one said my blogging job was easy (or profitable, for that matter).

1. Subway: Fresh Fit Meals." (Embedded above.)
2. Listerine: Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips." (Couldn't find.)
3. Listerine: Mouthwash." (Couldn't find.)
4. AT&T: "Hollyyorkizonasouthameriland."
5. Campbell's Soup: Chunky Soup. (Go to this link and click on "A Call to Eat.")
6. Benadryl: Perfect Measure. (Couldn't find.)
7. Burger King: Spicy Chick 'N' Crisp.
8. Yoplait: Yoplait Light.
9. Campbell Chunky Fully Loaded: (Go to this link and click on "Mud Bowl.")
10. Red Lobster: Endless Shrimp.

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