Friday, October 5, 2007

Lazarus no. 34 out of Fortune's Top 50 women

Not to put too much credence in the Fortune and Forbes lists of the most powerful women, but the power of advertising is dropping. Ogilvy CEO Shelly Lazarus made Fortune's just-released list—as always—but she's dropped from no. 30 to no. 34. In an attempt to sum up Lazarus in 50 words or less, the magazine claims that the Dove "Evolution" video, produced by Ogilvy Toronto, has had 400 million views, which has an air of, um, bogosity, to it. Hard to tally where all those views happened, but on YouTube, it's had about 13 million views ... meaning there would have to be another 387 million views out there somewhere. Not on the Fortune list at all: Starcom Mediavest Group CEO Renatta McCann, who came in way ahead of Lazarus on Forbes' recently-released list of the most powerful women in the world.

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