Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Other ads that shouldn't become TV shows

This isn't meant to be the "Cavemen" series sucks special issue of Adverganza, but—what can I tell ya—I'm only posting about what I see out there. Anyway, New York magazine ran a list on its site yesterday of "Ten Commercials That Would Make Even Worse TV Shows Than the Geico Cavemen." Predicting that the show will die within the next two weeks as a preamble, here is the list, in reverse order:

10. Lifecall (aka the "Mrs. Fletcher" show).
9. Imodium Advanced (starring Kelsey Grammer as, um, the sufferer).
8. The LL Cool J Hotline.
7. Mars Blackmon (well, if it starred Steve Urkel instead of Spike Lee).
6. Iron Eyes Cody (aka "The Crying Indian"—although, in the series, turns out he's an "environmental vigilante").
5. Freedom Rock (swearing to God I never saw this commercial).
4. Bad Idea Jeans (this one was off an SNL parody I vaguely remember).
3. Lamisil Nail Fungus Treatment (enough said).
2. Stanley Steemer (based off a commercial where a dog drags his ass on the rug).
1. The Geico Lizard (Their words, not mine. I guess that whoever wrote this doesn't realize the whole reason Geico uses a freakin' gecko is because it sounds like Geico? Whatever.)

Just thought I'd mention that having seen the series last night—I, myself, didn't watch—New York thinks the premiere was "actually pretty good." Now let's green light that "Mrs. Fletcher" pilot.

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