Monday, October 1, 2007

Dove takes flight with new real beauty video

Dove has just come out with the latest video, above, in its "Campaign for Real Beauty," and as a fortysomething female, I'm relieved to see it, even if the entire 60 seconds is meant to be seen through the eyes of a pre-teen girl. Called "Onslaught," it features just that—an onslaught of images destined to make even the most perfect female among us feel imperfect. Not only are some of the images of women writhing in bikinis; it also includes every body improvement "technique" currently in use, up to and including plastic surgery and vomiting away that nasty food. (Only the toilet is shown.) I'm not entirely sure I would've picked up on the fact that this is to be seen through the eyes of the girl that we see at the beginning of the video had I not read some of the press about it, but at its end, when Dove urges women to talk to their daughters before such media imagery gets the best of them. the ultimate point is quite clear. I feel a little bit better-looking already. Created by Ogilvy Toronto.

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