Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Predictably, "Cavemen" series disappoints

As you may have noticed, the Geico-commercial inspired ABC show "Cavemen," which debuted last night, got some withering reviews. "Zero Stars!" shouted the New York Daily News. "It's a flop. A major flop. The kind of flop that makes Steven Bochco feel okay about 'Cop Rock' again," said TV Squad. With that, you should play the 15-second commercial above, a spoof—and a bad one—from a Chicago furniture company called Walter E. Smithe. It stars what I've gathered are the three Smithe brothers, who are dressed, predictably as cavemen. (The brothers have a number of films online, including ones that take off from "The Apprentice.") The ad was posted on YouTube just yesterday, which suggests that they were looking to get in on the "Cavemen" hype. Alas, there isn't any.

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